At Vardhman, we look at our business as an efficient creator of prosperity for not only our shareholders but also for our employees, marginalised sections of society and the local communities in which we operate.

Employee Wellbeing

The organisation has responsibility towards the prosperity and well-being of its employees. We recognise the vital importance of employees in our growth story and foster an atmosphere of trust, ownership and learning while empowering them with ever-expanding opportunities.


Looking after the health and safety of human capital is always a priority. We have embedded health and safety risk assessment in all our business decisions and strive to prevent & promptly address any work-related hazards.

Our robust safety systems and processes ensure that our employees are up to date with our comprehensive safety manuals as also emergency preparedness and response plans. As part of their induction, all new recruits have to undergo a rigorous safety training programme. These are followed by advanced sessions on material handling, firefighting, safe chemical handling and regular mock drills. System-based maintenance of machines and equipment, as well as the LOTO system for electrical and maintenance work, add to our safety quotient.
Safety Audit
Regular inspections of all the workplace facilities including warehouses, sensitive areas (such as chemical and HSD storage), boilers and captive power plants are undertaken, to ensure that all safety guidelines and policies are followed.
Frequency: 6 Months
Canteen Hygiene
& Safety
Washroom Hygiene
& Safety
Third Party Audit
Frequency: Annually
ISO - 45001 /
OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001
Hazardous Plants
Safety Culture
In order to inculcate and propagate safety as a culture, rather than just as a checklist item, the following measures are taken at all our units:
  • Exhaustive safety training session is an integral part of induction for all new recruits
  • Periodic training sessions on material handling, firefighting, chemical usage, health and safety
  • Participation of worker representatives in safety committee meetings along with management representatives
  • Periodic lux level monitoring of workplace, as also audiometric and eyesight tests for workers
  • Provision and compulsory usage of personal protective equipment, such as nose masks, ear plugs, safety helmets, gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Well documented and comprehensive safety manual containing workplace policies and procedures to guide employees while at work
  • Trained and qualified fire-fighting teams in all group units. A well-equipped set up of fire-fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hose reels and emergency escape windows
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan to assist with planning and execution of appropriate actions in response to local emergencies
  • Continual improvement of safety systems through safety kaizens, better surveillance mechanisms and installation of machine guards
  • Behaviour based safety approach to develop a positive mindset about safety in employees
  • Road Safety campaigns to generate awareness about traffic rules and road safety
  • LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) system for Electrical Maintenance related work
  • Regular Mock Drills
  • System based maintenance of machines and equipment


We consistently work to equip our employees with the skillset and knowledge to perform their best at work. They are given induction, functional orientation and attitudinal training. Regular workshops on best and next practices too are organized. Our Quality Circles help sharpen analytical and problem-solving skills of employees, leading to win a slew of national and international awards for Vardhman.

Health & Wellbeing

We are invested in the overall wellness of our employees and undertake comprehensive programmes to augment their well-being. Nutritious meals prepared in automated kitchens and provision of clean washrooms equipped with all amenities are basic to all units. To ensure continual focus and create a spirit of healthy competition, at the end of every financial year, top three units are felicitated based on their scores. Each unit is also equipped with a fully functional occupational health centre which is staffed with a qualified doctor and medical attendant.

Women Upliftment

True empowerment of women includes augmenting their ability to participate equally in society; access to decent work, control over their own time and lives; and providing equal and meaningful participation in decision-making at all levels and in every facet. Economic mainstreaming is the lever that enables this holistic empowerment, especially for rural women who are severely deprived on all the above counts.
In the process, not only have we transformed their lives, but have also created empowered change agents, who are spearheading grass-root transformation in their area of influence.

Community Empowerment

We strongly believe that we are an integral part of our local communities and it is our responsibility to empower them and stimulate inclusive growth. Towards this objective, we undertake multiple initiatives, with the same level of meticulousness and dedication, as we do to our business projects. Over the years, we have created a strong symbiotic relationship with our host communities which is built on professionalism and mutual trust.
Beyond our massive thrust on women empowerment, Vardhman actively contributes to the socio-economic development of the community through various participatory and need-based initiatives in the field of education, healthcare, rural development and disaster relief.
Rural Development
Disaster Relief
Education is a powerful tool to trigger progress. It creates a plethora of opportunities that provide employment, improves socio-economic indicators and ensures a secure future.
Vardhman School Development Program
Our flagship project to promote quality education, Vardhman School Development Program is an initiative under which we improve the infrastructure of Government Schools with the intent to support students from marginalized section of society. We have carried out the construction of 'Vardhman Block' equipped with furnished classrooms, separate toilets for girls and boys, and other amenities like water coolers with purifiers at several Government Schools including:
Project Nandini
Making our school development program holistic, we have launched Project Nandini to generate awareness about menstrual hygiene management among adolescent girls coming from family backgrounds where they rarely receive any guidance on managing their periods or understanding the biological changes they undergo. Under the initiative, we have installed sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators in the school washrooms besides conducting seminars, educational fairs, etc. to provide the school girls with affordable and hygienic alternative to keep them safe from diseases arising from poor intimate hygiene. Inspired by the impact and understanding the need, we have extended this project to slums.
To ease the financial burden and encourage more students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue higher education, we award scholarships to deserving students, with a strong preference to girl children.
Digital Literacy
In today's world, digital literacy is a must for an individual to participate in the global digital economy. Vardhman has set up advanced computer labs in educational institutions and government schools to improve digital literacy among financially disadvantaged students in the communities around its factories.
While it is essential to ensure good health and overall well-being of our employees, it is equally important that underprivileged sections of our community get access to affordable and effective healthcare. To accomplish our goal of taking healthcare to the masses, Vardhman provides healthcare equipment, infrastructure, grants and other facilities to local dispensaries and hospitals.
Medical Equipment
Government health institutions like primary health centres, community health centres and regional hospitals, are the focal points for marginal, disadvantaged and general public, to access health services. To strengthen healthcare infrastructure, we have provided modern medical equipment to several hospitals and community health centres.
Maternity & Childcare
As part of our efforts to improve the physical health of women and children, Vardhman provided equipment such as colour doppler, ultrasound machine, ambulance, water cooler and modular toilets for outdoor patients at the Mother & Child Hospital (MCH), Ludhiana. Vardhman Group has also contributed INR 1.20 crore for the construction of a paediatric ward at a district hospital of Hoshangabad.
Health Check-up Camps
We organise health awareness programmes to educate and encourage people in our communities to be more vigilant towards their health. By organising health check-up camps in nearby villages around our manufacturing units in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab regions, we are able to take healthcare to remote regions.
Blood Donation Drive
A blood donation drive with the slogan 'Be the hero you always wanted to be - Donate Blood' was organised at all our manufacturing locations. The 14 blood donation camps witnessed over 1,500 units of blood being collected by the Civil Hospital and other regional blood banks.
When rural communities flourish, the nation flourishes. At Vardhman, we undertake various initiatives ranging from electrification and provision of safe drinking water, to inculcating good hygiene and imparting new skills. We have installed solar street lights, handpumps and borewells, besides constructing toilets, shelters at bus stops etc. to bridge the access gap in these communities, enhance their dignity and empower them to be self-reliant.
Assistance during times of crisis and providing for immediate needs through relief efforts, are essential pillars of true community care. As a responsible citizen and partners of society, Vardhman contributes to various disaster relief funds such as the Prime Minister National Relief Fund, to show our solidarity with victims of natural disasters such as earthquake, floods and cyclones.