We consistently invest in enhancing their knowledge and skills, and many of them have chosen to remain associated with us since the beginning of their careers. We seek to not only augment their performance at the workplace but also their growth as individuals. This investment into their personal growth strengthens their conviction to drive excellence through work.

Our Culture

The first responsibility that an organisation has, is towards the prosperity and well-being of its employees. We recognise the vital importance of employees in our growth story and develop an atmosphere of trust, ownership and learning while empowering them with ever-expanding opportunities.
At Vardhman, we have a culture of developing young talent into leaders. We cultivate entrepreneurship through an open communication system that flows top-down within the organisation. A systematic way of identifying and developing leaders is followed by the organisation with several senior and top management positions coming from within. Apart from systematic, on-the-job training, identified potential employees are sent to various management institutes within India as well as overseas to gain knowledge on different aspects of leadership.


Vardhman's culture revolves around four key dimensions
These four key dimensions of Vardhman's work culture are lived through nine key attributes which are imbibed by every employee. These attributes are - Collaboration, Learning Agility, Employee Recognition & Development, Responsible Corporate Citizen, Entrepreneurship, High-Performance Culture, Objective & Transparent and Balanced decision-making approach & Long term prospective which represent our overall philosophy and belief system.

Total Productive Maintenance

TPM or Total Productive Maintenance aims at an attitudinal shift in an individual from "I Use, You Maintain" to "I Use, I Maintain" mind-set. It helps in increasing production and reducing cost by minimizing or eliminating hidden losses. The TPM approach is known to bring guaranteed, significant, tangible results to productivity and visible changes to the work environment. Through idea generation opportunities and exchange, it also raises the skill and knowledge level of the employees.
Vardhman Group has adopted and implemented the TPM philosophy across the group. It as an initiative flowing from top to bottom in the Company with the entire top management directly and deeply involved in its implementation. The initiative has been highly rewarding. Our workers have not only advised OEMs on design improvements to increase the productivity of their machines but also won awards at national and international platforms.
To maximize overall effectiveness and reliability of the plant and machinery by aiming at, Zero Break-down, Zero Defect, Zero Loss and Zero Accident through nurturing teamwork and continuous development of all employees, following the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) road map for implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in the Company.
Knowledge Sharing is an integral part of the TPM practice. We conduct a range of activities through which information, skills or expertise are exchanged among people of various units of the organisation. These activities include Inter-unit Visits, Kaizen/OPL week celebration, pillar meets and training programs.
At Vardhman, we encourage our employees to be lifelong learners, constantly enhance their professional skills and evolve their personal attributes. This enhances their understanding of the dynamic, fast-changing world and provides them with better career growth opportunities, higher job contentment and a better quality of life.
Launched in 2007 by Gap Inc., the P.A.C.E. programme (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement) was created to support women in the global apparel industry. GAP extended this programme in the apparel industry in 2016 and the same was launched first at Vardhman Fabrics, Budhni; gradually including other units of Vardhman Textiles.
Understanding the unique challenges faced by female workers, P.A.C.E. aims to empower them by improving their knowledge and skill set, sharpening communication skills and teaching time-management, thereby making them economically independent and confident decision makers.
Quality Circle
The formation of 'Quality Circles' is embedded in Vardhman's work culture. Vardhman was the first Textile Company to become member of the Quality Circle Forum of India in 1985.
Quality Circles sharpen the analytical and problem-solving skills of our employees. They are taught to identify issues impacting their daily work routine and learn to collaboratively resolve them and present the methodology and outcomes on a public platform.
Through this, our teams have overcome barriers of formal education & language, winning acclaim and recognition on global platforms.
Vardhman Training & Development Centre
VTDC is situated on the outskirts of Ludhiana City, spread over an area of 13 acres with a lush green and serene environment. The Centre is equipped with modern training infrastructure and residential facility.
The centre operates for more than 200 days in a year covering an entire array of managerial, functional, technical, cultural, skill-based, interpersonal and motivational subjects. Experiential learning programs that impart team building, effective communication, creativity, delegation, time management, resource utilisation and leadership qualities are conducted, in addition to conventional learning programs. The Centre also offers sports and recreational facilities besides a well-equipped library.
Manav Vikas Kendra
Manav Vikas Kendras are training centres for workers both freshers as well as experienced. The programmes lay stress on Attitudinal, Behavioural and Functional training. MVKs also perform the vital role of a mentor, guide and counsellor for new recruits.
Additionally, MVKs have been entrusted with the responsibility of inculcating a disciplined professional approach among the workforce. These training centres are well equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure and experienced trainers.


Vardhman Group has a firm policy of recruiting freshers vis-a-vis experienced candidates across workers and staff positions.
We recruit Textile Engineering graduates, MBAs and other graduates for various positions. We also recruit Management Trainees & Executive Trainees from premier MBA institutes of the country.
Workers across all businesses are usually hired with no prior experience and trained internally.
At Vardhman, we encourage gender diversity and women play an integral role across all functions including handling advanced machinery on the shop floor, research and development, quality management, garment designing and management roles. Women employees form 35% of our workforce. They are treated with utmost respect and their safety at work is of paramount importance to us.
We have a strict no-tolerance policy towards women's harassment at the workplace. Across the Group, we have a Sexual Harassment Committee in place and the top management gets directly involved in monitoring cases of violations if any. Women feel safe within the Company and are confident that even the slightest discomfort will be dealt with absolute seriousness.
We have a culture of developing talent within the organisation. By encouraging collaborative decision making and creating an environment of trust and guidance, employees are provided the right experience and platform to move up the career path.
Following the merit based system, employees take on bigger roles within their areas of expertise and a transparent assessment system is in place for evaluation & appraisal.
Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business success in today's competitive marketplace. High level of engagement promotes retention of talent, fosters customer loyalty and improves organizational performance & stakeholder value.
Vardhman is committed to creating a high-performance work environment characterised by high levels of employee engagement.