The 22,000 TPA Acrylic Staple Fiber and Tow production plant at Jhagadia, District Bharuch in the state of Gujarat, India, is where Vardhman's products marketed under the brand name 'VARLAN®' are created.
The world-class wet spun technology for the manufacture of Acrylic Fiber/Tow and the highly automated production facility ranks Vardhman Acrylics Limited amongst the most advanced plants of acrylic fiber across the globe.


Products Assortment

Assortment Single Fiber Denier Cut Length (mm) Lustre
1.2 F38, F44, F51 Bright &
Semi Dull
1.5 F38 ,F44, F51
1.8 F51, F64
2 F51 , F64
3 F64 , V64, V74
5 F132, V74 , V100, V125
6 F132, V74 , V100, V125
7 F132, V74 , V100, V125
2 F51 , F64 Bright &
Semi Dull
3 F64 , V64, V74
3 F64 , V64, V74 Bright &
Semi Dull
Very High
3 F64 , V64, V74 Bright
Tow 3.0 123, 136 K-Tex Bright &
Semi Dull
Tow 2.0 112, 118 K-Tex Bright
Preferred Fiber for:
  • Hosiery: Sweaters, Cardigans, T Shirts, Undergarments
  • Weaving: Winter Fabric for Men and Women wear, Bed Spreads, Shawls
  • Home Furnishing: Carpets, Blankets, Awnings, Mats, Embroidery
  • Industrial Products: Non-Woven Fabrics, Industrial Filters
  • Others: Soft Toys, Rugs, Wigs

Special Products Characteristics

Better strength and excellent spin ability
Excellent dye pickup resulting in a wide range of brilliant shades - superior results than most of competing products
Saturation factor (Sf) is only 1.8, whereas colour development (k/s) factor is 100, resulting in low dye consumption with brilliant shade
Very compact, smooth round cross-section of fiber leads to good light reflection, smooth touch and higher resiliency
Wide range of shrinkage for variety of product application in downstream industries
Warm and high bulk
Customised products meeting specific requirements of customers can be developed

Physical Properties

Cross Section Round
Voids Almost Nil
Bending Stiffness 1.0
Crimp Permanency Excellent (90~98%)
Colour Development (K/S) 100%
MG (Relative Dye Saturation) value 1.8
Specific Gravity 1.17 g/cm3

Mechanical Properties

Denier Tensile Strength (g/d) Elongation (%)
1.5 3.7~4.5 33~45
3.0 3.0~4.0 39~51
5.0 2.9~3.7 40~52
6.0 2.5~3.0 40~55
7.0 2.3~2.8 40~55
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